Your Guide to Effective Plantar Fasciitis Cure

Every year, thousands of people suffer from foot maladies. The causes could be so many – improper choice of footwear, undue stress exerted on the feet during exercise, or even injuries caused while playing a sport. However, one of the most common foot problems causing that acute pain is often Plantar Fasciitis, where the connective tissue joining the heel to the toes at the bottom of the foot gets overstretched, and hence causes pain when you walk after a period of rest. In this article, we are going to talk about a possible Plantar Fasciitis Cure.

Natural Alternatives For Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief

Whether you are a runner, an occasional gym-goer, or a busy mom who spends too much time on her feet, Plantar Fasciitis can cause debilitating, intense pain. And while some over-the-counter pain medications can bring relief, these come with their own unwanted side effects. This is why, a more natural and holistic ways for getting rid of plantar fasciitis is always the best choice for you. Since the ligament has been overstretched, basic rest and rehabilitation techniques can bring instant relief.

  1. Use Ice packs – Since the pain is caused by inflammation of the tissue, ice packs can help bring down the swelling. Use ice packs 2-3 times a day.
  2. Try Massage – Once you have iced the foot, massage the sore spot. It might pain to rub the affected area, but it’s rather beneficial because it increases blood flow and promotes healing. It is more effective if you massage your feet after using ice-packs.
  3. Stretch the Muscles – Since Plantar Fasciitis causes pain when you walk after a period of rest; it helps to stretch your foot a little before it hits the ground. Stretch the calf muscles, rotate the ankle, and extend both toes to gently warm up the muscles before you start walking. Stretching will minimize intense pain, but make sure that you continue to stretch the muscles periodically during the day.
  4. Buy Resting Night Splint – A simple home remedy, a night splint ensures that the soft connective tissue doesn’t tighten and stiffen during nighttime. Over a period of time, wearing a night splint to bed can be a very effective cure and can make all the difference in correcting that immense pain you feel the minute you get out of bed and take your first few steps.
  5. Wear Proper Shoes – To correct this condition, buy supportive shoes. The shoes should have a stiff sole that doesn’t stress the ligaments, while also providing more stability and protection to the foot. Some people find that using a moldable insole does the trick, while others prefer to wear hiking boots because it offers adequate protection, support and stability needed while your foot heals.

Are Natural Cures Effective?

If you have injured your Plantar Fasciitis, chances are that you deal with pain as well as discomfort during most daily activities. Pain can be intensified by simple tasks like walking, jumping and running. But in most cases a holistic cure will provide relief, and doctors feel that most patients do not require medical or expensive surgical treatments if they can treat the inflammation and pain at home.

A research published in New England Journal of Medicine by author Rachelle Buchbinder establishes the fact that about 11-15% of all heel and foot pain are associated with Plantar Fasciitis. However, in more than 80% of the cases, a natural  cure that relies on modifications made in lifestyle and home remedies to address the pain and inflammation is more than enough, and patients show remarked improvement within a year.

An Integrative Approach

If you have ever visited a podiatrist for your pain, chances are that he or she told you that the best cure for this foot malady is an integrative approach where you learn how to use effective home remedies to bring down the swelling and pain, and also make changes to your diet while correcting bio-mechanical problems that have caused the condition in the first place.

Learning better techniques will ensure that the injury can be prevented in the future. Once the bio-mechanical problems are addressed, the overstretched tissue can be treated using diet changes and home remedies without the fear that the tissue could be injured again.

Adding a few supplements to your diet is an effective all natural Plantar Fasciitis cure. These include Omega 3 fatty acids, MSM, Probiotics, Ginger and Curcumin. These supplements aid cellular repair and reduce pain and inflammation by boosting the immune system. Additionally, it also helps to increase water intake as poor hydration can interfere with effective cellular repair.

Features That All The Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners Have in Common

Dyson Canister Vacuum CleanerCanister vacuums are the perfect blend of power and portability.They ensure that the hard to reach areas don’t go unclean while doing away with all the heavy lifting on traditional vacuums.

With so many top rated brands/designs like Dyson and Miele on the market, finding the right canister vacuum may not be as easy as it seems.

To help in the decision making process, lets have a look at some of the features that all the best canister vacuums from have in common:


The whole point of having a canister vacuum is doing away with all the heavy lifting. As such, lightweight canister vacuums make for the best choice while not compromising on quality of course. They are available between 9-24 pounds with the lesser weight making for easier movement.

A Good Filtration System

The best filtration system is capable of reducing dust particles and allergens in the air. The best canister vacuums come with three filters; a chamber filter, a vacuum bag and an exhaust filter. Look out for cleaners with HEPA filtration since they help ensure that no small particles are allowed back into the room from the vacuum.

Suction Controls

Suction controls on the machine help reduce the suction of the vacuum hence preventing rugs or carpet from being sucked into the vacuum. The control can either be by the handle or the body of the vacuum as long as it can be easily reached.


Canister Vacuum AttachmentsA wide range of attachments are available on the market. This means that the ball is in your court to choose the right attachments for your needs.

You can choose from upholstery tools, crevice tools, floor tools, and dusting brushes for the right attachment for you.

Wide Cleaning Paths

Depending on the areas you will be cleaning, vacuums come in varying cleaning paths. These paths generally range from 10-15 inches. A wide cleaning path helps eliminate having to make numerous passes as you clean a particular area.


Having to maneuver a vacuum around a room with a wheel-less canister can make cleaning rather difficult. Ideally, the vacuum should come with wheels under its body for easy maneuvering around the room.

Power and Power Cord

The hose on a good vacuum should be long, at least 20 feet, so that having to frequently relocate the plug is a thing of the past. In addition, you need to look into the vacuum’s power. Typically, you will find vacuums that have power between 1200w and 2400w, nonetheless high power means more suction as you clean. Power should not override engine efficiency however, since there are models with the same cleaning capabilities which run on low power. A combination of power and engine efficiency should be your deciding factor.

Bag or Bag-less

Choosing between the bagged or bag-less vacuum is ultimately upon you. The bagged vacuums tend to be silent, durable and provide a higher level of filtration. They also have a much larger dirt capacity when compared to bag-less vacuums; typically, their capacity is 1 gallon or more compared to the half gallon or more of the bag-less vacuum. Their downside however is having to frequently change the bag which means more expenses. The bag-less vacuum on the other hand takes away the expense of having to buy bags regularly, with the downside being the loud noise they tend to produce.

Air or Electric Powered Brush Roller

Choosing between an air or electric powered brush roller will depend on the area you intend to clean. In case you have high pile carpets or pets that tend to shed, then the electric powered brush roller is the right choice for you. Air powered brush rollers on the hand eliminate electricity costs.


There are plenty of good canister vacuum guides and reviews out there that you can check out, so make sure you do your due diligence and cover every angle before you invest in a new cleaner for your home. Your home and your wallet will thank you later.